Climbing tower

We´ve got here a very tall tower rising from the seebed to a pirate island, reaching the sky and maybe even the universe.

Be careful here and watch out for pirates. They are pretty rough guys and they won´t miss their chance to rob you. But don´t worry, you are not an easy prey. We´ve got several canoons here, which will help you keep intrusive pirates in a safety distance. If you feel that you might loose this battle, take a dive into the sea and try to conquer the pirate island from a different side of it.

When you won over the pirates, you can keep going on your way up. The journey is not easy - you will have to climb mountains and overcome several obstacles. But if you reach the universe, you will enjoy a wondeful view of planets and stars. And if you touch the Jupiter planet, somthing beautiful will happen to you soon.

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