The baby world - a farm

Kids, hurry up to feed all the hens, little horses and cows. And make sure they won´t run away. Oh, it´s about to rain, so you need to gather the cattle back to the stall. Farming requires lots of hard work. Thank you very much for your good care.

Baby climbing wall - a coral reef

Exploring a coral reef is the best excitement for all young divers. They can shiftly swim around corals and between big stones like real fish.

If you get lucky, you can spot a golden fish. The golden fish has magical power - it will do whatever you wish.

Playground for all your sport battles

Playing alone may be boring. But what to do? Come with a bunch of friends, take a ball and play your best basketball or football match ever. Or jump, scream, dance simply do whatever you want to – our playground is reeally big.

Maxitrampolines - skyscrapers

It happened one night, when the stars were glowing like never before. Then out of sudden 6 huge trampolines appeared in Hopsárium. Come and show us all your tricks. Jumping will set you free. So jump higher and higher.

Snowglider - fast and furious

Come and enjoy winter sports in Hopsárium! No snow, no frost, just speed and fun.

Get the feeling of speeding down the hill. Just grab a snowglider, climp up the hill, jump on the snowglider and hold on it tight. What a ride!

Caution: Snowglider may cause serious addiction. :)

Traffic park

Are you fed up with never-ending traffic jams? Come to Hopsárium. We´ve got here a big city full of cars, traffic signs and traffic lights- and don´t worry, the traffic is always smooth. We´ve got cars for everybody – little Jane, his older brother Jack and even their mum and daddy will find here a perfect vehicle for them. Just adjust the seat, belt up and push the paddles to explore this unique city. If the others sped off and you got lost, don´t worry. When they are run out of petrol, you will find them queuing at the petrol stration.

Climbing tower

We´ve got here a very tall tower rising from the seebed to a pirate island, reaching the sky and maybe even the universe.

Be careful here and watch out for pirates. They are pretty rough guys and they won´t miss their chance to rob you. But don´t worry, you are not an easy prey. We´ve got several canoons here, which will help you keep intrusive pirates in a safety distance. If you feel that you might loose this battle, take a dive into the sea and try to conquer the pirate island from a different side of it.

When you won over the pirates, you can keep going on your way up. The journey is not easy - you will have to climb mountains and overcome several obstacles. But if you reach the universe, you will enjoy a wondeful view of planets and stars. And if you touch the Jupiter planet, somthing beautiful will happen to you soon.

Fun Boat

Quick, quick, all aboard - our ship is just about to sail off. We will cross the the big waves of the Pacific Ocean. You need to hold on tight and watch out for pirates. The swifted sailors will be on a patrol on the the top of the mast.

The big and greedy shark

In Hopsárium there lives a big grey reef shark. He´s swam to us from the Indian Ocean and he´s stayed at us as we have a lot of kids here. Sometimes he opens his giant jaws with sharp teeth. Only the bravest kids dare to climb into his massive mouth and have a look, how it looks inside.